The Limbo Line (1968)


The Limbo Line tells a story of Cold War double-crossing with British secret agent Manston trying to break up a group of Russian agents who return defectors to Moscow for brainwashing. When a Russian ballerina defects to Germany, Manston goes after the head of The Limbo Line in an effort to stop the group from kidnapping the defectors. Acting against the orders of his boss, Manston is faced with killing the communist leader of the movement in Germany or allowing the dancer to be turned over for interrogation and reprisals for her political beliefs. Matters are further complicated when Manston finds himself falling for the ballerina…

Director: Samuel Gallu.
Stars: Craig Stevens, Kate O’Mara, Eugene Deckers, Moira Redmond, Vladek Sheybal, Yolande Turner, Jean Marsh, Rosemary Rogers, Hugo De Vernier, Alan Barry, ames Thornhill, Norman Bird, Frederick Jaeger, Eric Mason, Denys Peek, Robert Urquhart, Ferdy Mayne, Joan Benham, John Horsley.


Note: This copy is from a Dutch VHS, hence it comes with Dutch subtitles embedded.

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