The Undergrads (1985)


After Mel Adler’s apartment burns down, his son, who harbors some ill will towards him, tries to put him in a retirement home. He’s also very hard on his son, Jody. He’s telling him which college he should go to. But when he decides to go where he wants, Mel decides to join him, and when he gets there, he clashes with some of the teachers and finds himself attracted to one of them. Eventually, he learns that he might flunk out so he tries to cram so he can pass.

Director: Steven Hilliard Stern (as Steven H. Stern).
Stars: Chris Makepeace, Art Carney, Len Birman, Dawn Greenhalgh, Lesleh Donaldson, Jackie Burroughs, Alfie Scopp, Angela Fusco, Nerene Virgin, Adam Ludwig, Ron James, Peter Spence, Wendy Bushell, Gary Farmer.


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