So This Is Love (1928)


Jerry McGuire is a dress designer in love with shop-girl Hilda Jenson. But the problem is that prizefighter Spike Mullins is also in love with Hilda. Jerry, undaunted by the obvious fact that, physically speaking, is no match for the bull-like Spike. Jerry Takes a few boxing lessons and, aided by Hilda, who deliberately overfeeds Spike before the big fight between the two rivals.

Director: Frank Capra.
Stars: Shirley Mason, William Collier Jr., Johnnie Walker, Ernie Adams, Carl Gerard, William H. Strauss, Jean Laverty.


Note: No score for this one unfortunately, the copy comes from TCM France I believe since it comes with French intertitles, quality is very good.

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  1. February 29, 2020

    A rare minor Frank Capra work without his usual workhorse, Harry Langdon. But the heroine here is Shirley Mason, forgotten today, but a silent cinema actress who got her start as a child star for Thomas Edison back in 1910. One of three actress sisters (Viola Dana and Edna Flugrath), she would retire in 1929. She is bright and enthusiastic as a leading lady but overall, this love triangle between her, a boxer & a meek dress designer is generally played more straight than for laughs; although in several shots, male lead William Collier seems to be copying Harry Langdon’s best mug shots. In fact, the film might have been originally talented for Langdon’s style of comedic character.

  2. Tony Williams
    March 2, 2020

    Superb! My first Frank Capra silent.

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