Young and Wild (1958)


Teenpage punk-hoodlums, Rick Braden, “Allie” Allison and “BeeJay” Phillips, steal a car and embark on a tragic joyride. While cruising around they run another car into a ditch, strike down a woman pedestrian, and then assault Valarie Whitman and beat up her boyfriend, Jerry Coltrin. Valarie’s parents demand immediate action on the part of the police but that is hindered when the thugs threaten further harm to Valarie and Jerry.

Director: William Witney.
Writer: Arthur T. Horman (original screenplay).
Stars: Gene Evans, William Witney, Carolyn Kearney, Robert Arthur, Weston Gavin, Tom Gilson, Ken Lynch, Emlen Davies, Morris Ankrum, Wendell Holmes, John Zaremba.


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  1. Christopher Bye
    December 26, 2020

    Congratulations – I missed this site so much. I would love to see this film sometime in the future

    • Jon W.
      December 26, 2020

      Hey Chris, thanks, glad to be finally back 🙂
      Please refresh the page I added a new streaming link.

  2. Mike Griffin
    March 13, 2024

    Hello. I just discovered your site and it looks like you have many interesting movie to check out. Thanks for putting this site together. I know it can be hard work. I know I will enjoy many movies from here

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