Le dossier noir (1955) AKA Black Dossier

Jacques Arnaud arrives in a small town somewhere in the province. Soon a citizen reports to him that strangers have broken into his house where they stole a mysterious “black dossier”.

Director: André Cayatte. AKA Black Dossier
Stars: Antoine Balpêtré, Lea Padovani, Bernard Blier, Nelly Borgeaud, Jean-Marc Bory, Daniel Cauchy, Danièle Delorme, Paul Frankeur, Jacques Duby, Noël Roquevert, Gabrielle Fontan, Christian Fourcade, Henri Crémieux, René Génin, Lucien Nat, Sylvie, André Valmy, Edmond Ardisson.

1955 Cannes Film Festival – Nominated for the Palme d’Or.


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  1. January 14, 2020

    Very good film, worth the watch

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