Stardust (1938) AKA Mad About Money / He Loved an Actress


Carla de Hulvea is a rumba dancer who makes news by posing as a South-American heiress. She is doing fine with her hoax until she meets American Peter Jackson, a high-pressure promoter who is looking for movie-producing money. He does some big-time bluffing on his own in order to get Carla to invest in a film he is making with his partner, Roy Harley. Through Carla, Roy meets actress Diana West, who is given a role in the movie, and Roy falls in love with her.

Director: Melville W. Brown. AKA Mad About Money / He Loved an Actress
Stars: Ben Lyon, Lupe Velez, Wallace Ford, Jean Collin, Harry Langdon, Mary Cole, Cyril Raymond, Ronald Ward, Arthur Finn, Philip Pearman, Andreas Malandrinos, Olive Sloane, Peggy Novak, John Stobart, Ronald Hill.


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