The Stranger’s Hand (1954) AKA La mano dello straniero


Young Roger Court arrives in Venice expecting to meet his father, Maj. Court, an influential British diplomat, little realizing that his father has been kidnapped by foreign agents and is being held as the drugged hostage of Dr. Vivaldi. Unable to find his father and distrusting the police, Roger latches on to hotel worker Roberta  and her friend Joe, who are preoccupied with problems of their own.

Director: Mario Soldati.
Stars: Richard O’Sullivan, Alida Valli, Eduardo Ciannelli, Trevor Howard, Richard Basehart, Stephen Murray, Arnoldo Foà, Guido Celano, Giorgio Costantini, Angelo Cecchelin, Nino Vechina, Armando Papette, Giovanni Karuz, Joan Butterfield, Alessandro Paulon.


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  1. Tony C
    September 7, 2019

    Never say die! Cheers for finding this one, Jon! I recommend it.

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