The Flame (1947) [Upgrade]


George McAllister, the black sheep of a wealthy family who has squandered his share of the family inheritance, and lives in constant jealousy, hatred and resentment of his half-brother Barry, who has been supporting him. George gets his girl friend, Carlotta Duval, a job as Barry’s nurse with the plan of eventually marrying him. She does, but instead of going ahead with the original plan or getting rid of Barry, inheriting his money and marrying George, she finds that she is really in love with Barry.

Director: John H. Auer.
Stars: John Carroll, Vera Ralston, Robert Paige, Broderick Crawford, Henry Travers, Blanche Yurka, Constance Dowling, Hattie McDaniel, Victor Sen Yung, Harry Cheshire, John Miljan, Garry Owen, Eddie Dunn.


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  1. Wolfgang Jahn
    July 5, 2022

    Wow, this is darn good, superb if I may say so, a 10/10 movie!

    Sure, it ain’t THE BIG SLEEP, but my heart beats for the unknown sleepers, not for the big productions.

    This is as good as it can get, great acting, lots of drama, a bit of soap, superb snappy dialogue, this one has it all!

    Check out 1:08:15, just one example for the GLORIOUS DIALOGUE in this little unknown gem. 🙂 They don’t make them like this anymore, because they don’t have such superb scriptwriters. All of them dead and gone and with them we lost movies for grown-ups.


  2. Wolfgang Jahn
    July 5, 2022

    And now I am off to watch BLONDE ICE with Vera Ralston, which I found on YT. The other one of her famous noirs. 👏👏

  3. Wolfgang Jahn
    July 5, 2022

    Oops, BLONDE ICE ain’t staring Vera, it was just mentioned by sb. in context with THE FLAME. Should have checked first, haha.

  4. August 20, 2022

    Very interesting Republic film, incredible opening/closing scenes. Vera isn’t such a bad actress after all.

  5. Eric Wall
    July 29, 2023

    Film noir with a heart of gold!

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