Summer Solstice (1981)


50 years after their mariage a couple look back on when they first met. Through flashbacks we se them fall in love.

Director: Ralph Rosenblum.
Stars: Henry Fonda, Myrna Loy, Stephen Collins, Lindsay Crouse, Thomas Ruisinger, Jo Henderson, Patricia Elliott, Marcus Smythe, Christopher Childs, P.J. Hussey, Michael Simons, Elisa Erali, Mara Clark, Hamilton Benz, Marten Anderson.


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  1. September 23, 2019

    In one way, a moving character study but in another, a sentimental short-hand into the life relationship of an old couple married fifty years but coming to an end. As a made-for-television film, it is too short to be really into the joy & pain of such a life (see Jon’s comments on a longer 90 minute version) & therefore the events in the couple’s lifes are made more caprious than revealing. The advantages of the piece are the four leads, especially Stephen Collins & the eternally young Myrna Loy. But too often,we see the results of actions without seeing the real dramatic reasons for those actions. A chance to see a rare television movie with two great performers at the end of their careers.

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