48 Stunden bis Acapulco (1967) AKA 48 Hours to Acapulco


Klaus Lemke′s first feature-length film depicts the odyssey of society drop-out Frank Murnau from Schliersee to Rome and Acapulco. Actually, he could have led an easy life. Monika, the daughter of a rich factory owner is in love with him, hesitating at first, Frank finally opts for jet set beauty Laura: by choosing her, he also chooses independence, which he otherwise fears to lose. He is looking for adventure, attempts to get rich by revealing industry secrets and tries to secure a place among the rich by emulating the style he learned from American gangster movies. But soon he′s in over his head, since he can not escape his own past.

Director: Klaus Lemke. AKA 48 Hours to Acapulco
Stars: Dieter Geissler, Christiane Krüger, Monika Zinnenberg, Alexander Kerst, Charly Kommer, Manuel Rivera, Lyn Guild, Ilse Pagé, Michael Maien, Teddy Stauffer, Roland Carey, Lucas Hernandez, Roberto Lopez.


Many thanks to Pablo for the improved synopsis.

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  1. Carle
    October 10, 2019

    synopsis is good, if a bit generous. you keep expecting something to happen and when it does, seems pointless. it wants to be ‘breathless’ but is more oxygen-starved. the most telling exchange is between frank and monica:
    he: we’re not going out today.
    she: (pouting) but i want to wear my new dress today.
    he: that’s all you women ever think about.
    the surface, that’s all this narrative has; it want’s to be existentialist but even an existentialist has some self-preservation instinct.
    still, the roland kovacs score is real nice–almost the best character in here.

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