No Picnic (1986) [Upgrade]


Macabee Cohen, whose heyday as a rock musician is long gone, travels the city in a beat-up VW bus, supplying records to local juke boxes. His beloved Lower East Side neighborhood is in turmoil: rampant real estate speculation, tenants on rent strike, art invading the bars, etc. Mac’s personal life is in turmoil, too: his girlfriend dumped him for the Air Force, his neighbor is pressuring him into a green card marriage, his father has left his mother for a younger man, and his brother is sending post cards from his sexual sojourn to all fifty states. Then a mysterious girl appears in his life, and Mac’s obsession to find her becomes a quest of…

Director: Philip Hartman.
Stars: David Brisbin, Anne D’Agnillo, Luis Guzm├ín, Ryan Cutrona, Steve Buscemi, Clare Bauman, Richard Hell, David Murray Jaffe, Judith Malina, Greg Masters.

1987 Sundance Film Festival – Winner of Excellence in Cinematography Award, Dramatic.
1987 Sundance Film Festival – Nominated for the Grand Jury Prize, Dramatic.


Note: now with improved audio (no static) thanks to a very kind collaborator, all credits to him.

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