Catch Me If You Can (1989)


The local highschool is threatened to be closed, unless they collect $200,000. The students’ president Melissa struggles to collect the money, but lacks the support from her fellow students. So she accepts when car fetishist Dylan suggests to bet on him in car races against underworld king Phatman. At first everything goes well – too well…

Director: Stephen Sommers.
Stars: Matt Lattanzi, Loryn Locklin, Grant Heslov, Billy Morrissette, Geoffrey Lewis, M. Emmet Walsh, Dan Bell, Jefferson Slinkard, Kevin Dewey, Chad Bell, Tara Trooien, Rhonda L. Rubertus, Robert Kempe, Kathryn Lamb, Peter Breitmayer.


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  1. Jay
    September 9, 2022

    This film features loryn locklyn in 1989 with long hair,a year later she would cut it off to sport her beautiful short hair look in taking care of business!

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