Rafles sur la ville (1958) AKA Sinners of Paris


Michel Piccoli plays a police inspector whose best friend is murdered on the orders of gang boss Charles Vanel. The inspector knows full well that Vanel is too crafty and well-connected to ever stand trial for his crime, so he carefully lays a subtle trap for his adversary.

Director: Pierre Chenal. AKA Sinners of Paris
Stars: Charles Vanel, Bella Darvi, Danik Patisson, Michel Piccoli, François Guerin, Mouloudji, Jean Brochard, Georges Vitray, Alfred Goulet, Albert Dinan, Georges Douking, Marcel Lupovici, Albert Rémy, Gina Manès, Daniel Mendaille, Jany Clair. 


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    June 11, 2019

    Cheer’s, mate!!

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