Calamity Jane (1963)


A Wild West cow town is starving for entertainment, and it falls upon Calamity Jane, a rowdy, gun-toting,jeans-wearing tomboy, to go to Chicago to bring back a famed stage actress. She brings instead the star’s maid, who settles in the town, but Jane’s love interest falls for her.

Director: Dick Altman.
Stars: Carol Burnett, Art Lund, Bernard West, Beryl Towbin, Don Chastain, Mark Harris, Cathryn Damon.


Note: There’s a few ads before and throughout the film, I decided not to cut them since the image quality is already not ver ygood and re-encoding would make it even worse.

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  1. Josh
    September 30, 2019

    The ad at the beginning is priceless. As someone who didn’t grow up with this, I love this insight into how shows were broadcast back then!

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