Death Game (1977)

Two young girls come to the home of a businessman whose family is away on his birthday. They seduce him and afterwards, however, they tie him up, torture him and trash his house.

Director: Peter S. Traynor (as Peter Traynor).
Stars: Sondra Locke, Colleen Camp, Seymour Cassel, Beth Brickell, Michael Kalmansohn, Ruth Warshawsky.


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  1. Jon W.
    April 14, 2019

    RIP Seymour Cassel (January 22, 1935 – April 7, 2019).

  2. Jett Woodward
    March 22, 2020

    George’s wife Karen leaves because their kids are visiting their grandparents and the son has an emergency appendectomy. George stays behind because he has an important meeting on Monday.His son later calls to say he’s okay and wants to take his appendix to school for show and tell. George loves it. The girls rest by the fire after the hot tub romp and Jackson scoffs at Donna’s assertion that she could fall in love with George and they go to raid his refrigerator. The next morning, you forgot to mention how Jackson,after showing her meaner colors when George blasted their table manners and she cursed at him,then goes his study and reads one of his sexy books aloud while blasting his TV and stereo simultaneously at full volume.After their behaves escalates and they threaten him with statutory rape,Gworge manages to run the cleaning lady off before she sees them,telling her they don’t need her this week.Donna piunds on George’s piano like a demented child when Sondra indicates that they’ve ruined other men before him.George calls their bluff and threatens to call the piolice and they agree to let him drive them to the bus station,chattering all the way about whether George likes them and Jackson thinks his music sucks. George tells them to shut up,lets them out at the bus station and goes to his office and calls his son to confirm he’s okay.That night George returns home with groceries,sees something scurrying in the dark and is jumped in his bedroom and tied up by the 2 girls. They eat chocolates,wearchis wife’s makeup,jiump on the bed,kerp him from getting away,drag him downstairs and pour good all over him and put him on trial for their alleged statutory rape,pausing to drown the interfering grocery delivery boy in a fishtank after knocking him out. George is sentenced to die at dawn.They wreck his house,break all his ornaments and records,,stop the bound George from getting a phone with his feet and Donna pretends George has seduced her into freeing him only for Jackson to appear and knock him out when he pushed Donna down and tried to run. The girls laugh that guys always fall for that.They bind George again and tease him every hour that his end is nearer. George protests he has a young daughter who needs him like they must have needed tbeir father.,Jackson responds that her father was never around enough to need and Donna throws Tiki,the family cat through the window apparently to his death. The girls go another good binge. Where do they put all that food?! Well we know it ultimately caught up to Colleen Camp,unfortunarely. They get turned on by the food like bagels and go to the bedroom for a lesbian romp. They bake George a cake one hour be his appointed death and one hour later,they wake him up by breaking a glass bowl and Sondra prepares to kill him with a carving knife,but SPOILER ALERT,she strikes the sofa instead! It was just a game.Yhey giggle hysterically and finally leave George Aline a sobbing tied-up wreck in his wrecked shambles of a home. The girls skip away into the morning sunlight,dancing down the street hand in band until they cross a street and are run over not by a regular van,but by a speeding humane society van full of barking dogs and meowing cats. Could this be some sort of twisted revenge for their killing the cat,or is the movie making a commentary that men are like dumb animals? Or am I just.making deep psychogical assumptions? We may never really know. A good cheapo horror-suspense film but I wish we’d seen more of Colleen Camp’s legs and feet.

    • March 24, 2020

      I meant Donna POUNDS on the piano. KEEP him from getting away,not kerp and they pour garbage and FOOD on him,not good. A d I think it was a meat cleaver Jackson a.k.a. Sondra was threatening to kill George with. They giggle,not they and leave George ALONE,not ALINE. Sorry for my spelling errors.Dang phone! LOL

  3. April 2, 2020

    Anyone saw the remake called Knock Knock with Keanu Reeves?

  4. kerry
    May 20, 2020


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