Okinawa (1952)


The courageous crew of the World War II battleship U.S.S. Drake paves the way for the invasion of Okinawa.

Director: Leigh Jason.
Stars: Pat O’Brien, Cameron Mitchell, Richard Denning, Rhys Williams, James Dobson, Richard Benedict, Rudy Robles.


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  1. simon shwimer
    January 5, 2019

    it is a good movie the first time I saw a war movie dealing with a canon crew on a war ship in ww2 and I saw many ww2 movies most of the stock film was shown in documentary but part I saw the first time not referring to the kamikaze attack

  2. Bob Dafoe
    June 24, 2022

    The ship in the movie is not a battleship, it’s a Fletcher class destroyer. Did not see the number on the ship so the real name remains a mystery.
    It is however a very good movie.

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