Shchors (1939) AKA Shors

The year is 1919. German troops retreat from Ukraine. The Directory, the Ukrainian national government lead by Symon Petliura, takes control of Kyiv. Meanwhile, the Bolshevik division commanded by Mykola Shchors is marching on the capital. The Bolsheviks capture the cities of Vinnytsia, Zhmerynka, and others one by one, but lose Berdychiv to Petliura’s forces. They are demoralized by the defeat. By his personal example of courage and military skill, Shchors inspires the retreating Red troops and leads them to victory over the enemy.

Director: Aleksandr Dovzhenko & Yuliya Solntseva.
Stars: Yevgeni Samojlov, Ivan Skuratov, Fyodor Ishchenko, Valentin Dukler, Aleksandr Khvylya, Vyacheslav Gomolyaka, Sergey Komarov, Anna Borisoglebskaya, Dmitriy Kostenko.


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