Submarine Patrol (1938)


Set during World War I, Submarine Patrol stars Preston S. Foster as a naval officer demoted for dereliction of duty. He is forced to commandeer a battered old submarine chaser and its ragtag crew. Anxious to redeem himself, Foster transforms his loser underlings into a crack combat team, chalking up numerous enemy sinkings.

Director: John Ford.
Stars: Richard Greene, Nancy Kelly, Preston Foster, George Bancroft, Slim Summerville, J. Farrell MacDonald, Warren Hymer, Douglas Fowley, Dick Hogan, Douglas Fowley, Elisha Cook Jr., J. Farrell MacDonald, George E. Stone, Jack Pennick, Maxie Rosenbloom, Charles Trowbridge, Moroni Olsen, Ward Bond, Robert Lowery, Harry Strang, Victor Varconi.


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