Hunted in Holland (1961)


Tim visits his penfriend Piet van Helder in Holland. Piet has a kid sister named Aanike. Tim throws away a raw herring, which lands in the megaphone of a man, who is guiding British tourists in a channel boat. Confused he drops his walking stick into the water. The children later fishes it up and they discover that a valuable diamond bracelet was hidden inside. The guide actually belongs to a gang of diamond thieves. 

Director: Derek Williams.
Stars: Sean Scully, Walter Randal, Thom Kelling, Jacques Verbrugge, Sandra Spurr, Riek Schagen, Jean Lemaire, John Soer, Paul Ostra, Sacco van der Made, Gerard Doting, Frans Kokshoorn, K. Brouwer, John Rowden.


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  1. r w kerk
    April 14, 2019

    What, no tulips? A corny Dutch tourism-like film with cops and robbers. Everything from Holland except tulips. Watched the whole thing though, mostly from a nostalgic point of view, I happen to be Dutch, but I wanted to see tulips. I’m sure even in the Netherlands, boys don’t wear suits anymore. I don’t want to make ‘troobles’, but did I mention the tulip thing?

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