Varastettu kuolema (1938) AKA Stolen Death


A thriller set in turn-of-the-century Helsinki, Stolen Death uses elements of German expressionism to tell the story of Finnish resistance fighters smuggling arms to overthrow the Tsarist occupiers of Finland. Tapiovaara stresses the divided loyalties of the Finnish bourgeoisie, torn between preserving their privileged economic position and taking a risky stand for an independent Finland.

Director: Nyrki Tapiovaara.
Stars: Tuulikki Paananen, Ilmari Mänty, Santeri Karilo, Annie Mörk, Bertha Lindberg, Hertta Leistén, Gabriel Tossu, Jalmari Parikka, Aku Peltonen, Atos Konst, Viljo Kervinen, Paavo Kuoppala, Yrjö Salminen, Kusti Laitinen, Emil Kokkonen. AKA Stolen Death


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