Maldone (1928) AKA Misdeal


Maldone is a canal worker, happy with his life after running away from his family estate. He falls in love with Zita, a young gypsy girl, during a local fete. However, after his brother dies, Maldone is called back to manage the estate. There, he takes up the life of a landowner and marries a neighbor’s daughter. Years later Maldone is still restless on the estate, and becomes obsessed with Zita, after meeting her by chance one evening.

Director: Jean Grémillon.
Stars: Charles Dullin, Marcelle Charles Dullin, Geymond Vital, André Bacqué, George Seroff, Annabella, Roger Karl. AKA Misdeal


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  1. Betsy-B
    June 20, 2018

    This place is so wonderful. One treasure after another. Thanks so much for all the effort, Jon. It does not go unappreciated!!!

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