Pickup (1951)

Jan “Hunky” Horak is a hard-of-hearing railroad dispatcher who lives in a poor neighborhood by the railroad tracks and is seduced by Betty, who is after his money. After they marry, Betty and her lover Steve Kowalski scheme to murder him.

Director: Hugo Haas.
Stars: Hugo Haas, Beverly Michaels, Allan Nixon, Howland Chamberlain, Jo-Carroll Dennison, Bernard Gorcey, Mark Lowell, Jack Daley, Art Lewis, Marjorie Beckett.


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  1. Allan
    January 21, 2019

    Beverly Michaels made essentially the same film with Richard Egan called Wicked Woman. Did she ever make a film where she wasn’t a” scheming tramp ” ? I still remember the title song of Wicked Woman sung by Herb Jeffries which perfectly captures the low rent appeal of Beverly Michaels in that pup fiction classic.

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