The Highroller (1984) AKA The Borrower


A bank accountant approaching middle age and dissatisfied with the blandness of his life, uses a computer to “borrow” money to finance gambling on his trip to Las Vegas. He steals more and more to cover but when the big win never comes he decides to take even more from the bank and drop out of sight with a young woman he has met. Escaping overseas with five million dollars, he finally winds up back in trouble when he discovers that right from the start he has been part of a cruel conspiracy. 

Director: Peter McCubbin.
Stars: Jeff Holec, George T. Cunningham, Jan Taylor Hendricks, Tom Nursall, Shelley Lynne Speigel, Geoff Smither, James Macri, Sidney Bruyn, Frank Nobes, Gerry Fostaty, Richard Ponic, Simon Richards, Kim Cayer, Maya Toman, Gregory Hertel. AKA The Borrower


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