Outside Chance (1978)


An advertising executive finds herself in a small-town jail after being terrorized on a drive from Los Angeles to New York by two hitchhikers who steal her car and leave her unconscious by the roadside. She becomes a fugitive after killing her jailer during a rape attempt and breaking out with one of the hitchhikers who could prove her innocence. This made-for-tv movie is a sequel to the 1976 feature film Jackson County Jail.

Director: Michael Miller.
Writers: Michael Miller (teleplay), Ralph Gaby Wilson (teleplay).
Stars: Yvette Mimieux, Royce D. Applegate, Beverly Hope Atkinson, Susan Batson, Babbett Bram, Fredric Cook, Severn Darden, Howard Hesseman, Lee Fergus, John Lawlor, Betty Thomas, Britt Leach, Charles Young, Kimo Owens, Ira Miller, Nancy Lee Noble, Rob Sherwood, Robin Sherwood, Dick Armstrong, Jan White, Jerry Hamlin, Nan Martin, William Mallory, Larry Hanklin, Amparo Mimieux, Ross Manarchy, Allen Wood, Peter Vedro, Peter Vedro, Janice Hamlin, John Abbott, Marge Levine, Jean-François Ferreol, H. Curley Moore.
Cinematographer: Willy Kurant.
Composer: Murphy Dunne, Lou Levy.


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