Rubberface (1981) Originally released as "Introducing... Janet"


Janet is an overweight girl who has a knack for making the other children in school laugh… by making fun of her own weight. In seeing the other kids’ reaction, she feels that she might have a career as a comedian. She visits the local comedy club, where she finds Tony Moroni, a struggling comedian whose jokes often fail. Together, Tony helps Janet build self-esteem and she helps him with his material.

Directors: Glen Salzman, Rebecca Yates. AKA Introducing Janet.
Writers: Michael Glassbourg (screenplay), Nada Harcourt (original story idea).
Stars: Adah Glassbourg, Jim Carrey, Marla Lukofsky, Helene Udy, Lynne Deragon, Ann-Marie MacDonald, Scott Denton, Renée Devillers, Emily Wilkinson, Rick Ringer, Larry Horowitz, Gabe Cohen, Jim Tuck, John Lambert.
Cinematographer: Rene Ohashi.
Composer: Rainer Wiens.

English & Romanian subtitles are available for this film, to enable them on the video player click on the cogwheel, click on the last option (субтитры), and finally, choose between “En” or “Ro”.


Spanish subtitled copy can be streamed here and downloaded here

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