Boogievision (1977)


Struggling hippie independent filmmaker Mick gets his big break after he finds out that his girlfriend Marlene’s father Burt is a movie producer. Unbeknown to Mick, Burt only specializes in porno pictures. Mick cranks out a cruddy science fiction stinker in three days for Burt, who demands countless changes and has a hard time figuring out how to distribute Mick’s lousy movie.

Director: James Bryan.
Writer: James Bryan.
Stars: Michael Laibson, Bert Belant, Marlene Selsman, Frank Millen, Victoria Miller, Leo Lyons, Robin Hood, Michael Blakney, Steve Gillman, Tom Malin Chak, May Montrey, Burt Little Beau, Peter Turner, Steve White.
Cinematographer: Frank Mills.
Composers: Bill Spater, Gene Sturman.


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