A Window in London (1940) AKA Lady in Distress


While on his way to work one morning, a man looks out the window of the train and sees a young woman being murdered. When he investigates the crime, he discovers a foul-tempered illusionist, Zoltini, who has a turbulent relationship with his young wife Vivienne.

Director: Herbert Mason. AKA Lady in Distress
Writers: R. Herbert (as Herbert), Max Maret (as Maret), Ian Dalrymple (scenario), Brigid Cooper (uncredited).
Stars: Michael Redgrave, Sally Gray, Paul Lukas, Hartley Power, Patricia Roc, Glen Alyn, Gertrude Musgrove, George Carney, Bryan Coleman, Alf Goddard, Wilfrid Walter, George Merritt, John Salew, Kimberley & Page, Pamela Randell.
Cinematographer: Glen MacWilliams.
Composer: Bretton Byrd (uncredited).


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