Down Home (1920)


Nance Pelot is bravely trying to support herself and her father Joe, the town drunk, by playing piano in an unsavory roadside inn owned by Larry Shayne. Chet Todd, the son of a shop owner, is in love with Nance, but her reputation has been sullied by her profession, and so Chet’s mother disapproves of her. Nance inherits a small farm from her mother, and when Shayne discovers that the property is valuable, he plots to cheat Nance out of her inheritance.

Director: Irvin Willat.
Writers: F.N. Westcott (book “Dabney Todd”), Irvin Willat.
Stars: Leatrice Joy, James O. Barrows, Edward Hearn, Aggie Herring, Edward Nolan, William Robert Daly, Sidney Franklin, Bert Hadley, Frank Braidwood, James Robert Chandler, Nelson McDowell, Florence Gilbert, J.P. Lockney, William Sloan, Helen Gilmore, Willis Robards, Barbara Bedford.


Note: Film ends abruptly before the closing credits, maybe 30 seconds missing.

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