Spendthrift (1936)


Spendthrift gives the modern viewer a pretty good idea how Hollywood planned to “mold” the image of new star Henry Fonda. The Lanky One is cast as a profligate, polo-playing playboy, married to a beautiful but superficial heiress (Mary Brian). They divorce, and the wife gets all the money. But the humbled (and impoverished) Fonda finds true love in the arms of Pat Paterson, who cares nothing for material things.

Director: Raoul Walsh.
Writers: Raoul Walsh (screenplay), Bert Hanlon (screenplay), Eric Hatch (story).
Stars: Henry Fonda, Pat Paterson, Mary Brian, George Barbier, Edward Brophy, Richard Carle, J.M. Kerrigan, Spencer Charters, June Brewster, Halliwell Hobbes, Jerry Mandy, Miki Morita, Greta Meyer, Robert Strange.


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