Dorothea’s Rache (1974) AKA Dorothea's Revenge


Dorothea, a 16-year-old bourgeois girl from Hamburg, plays with her friends of both sexes, imitating the production of adult movies. In the end, pretending to make sex-scenes is not satisfying enough, and with a street professional, Dorothea is initiated in hard sex.

Director: Peter Fleischmann. AKA Dorothea’s Revenge.
Writer: Peter Fleischmann (story), Jean-Claude Carrière & Peter Fleischmann (screenplay).
Stars: Anna Henkel, Alexander von Paczensky, Gerhard Gommel, Henry Bueck, Anemone Gehann, Birgit Heise, Mathias Herisch, Barbara Ossenkopp, Monika Steffens, Elisabeth Potkanski, Günter Thiedeke, Regis Genger, Willi Schmidt, Rainer Hensel, René Durand, Graziella Heyn, Eddie Schmidt, Fred Höpflinger, Peter Riecke, Klaus Kücker, Gerhard Grawunder, Herbert Tobias, Martin Hoffmann, Adolf Lercher, Ella Mayer.


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  1. Gerald L. Austin
    June 12, 2022

    It was crazy and absurd, but I really enjoyed the nudity. That is what made it for me.

  2. Gerald L. Austin
    November 14, 2022

    I have watched this again. Yes, it is goofy, but the nudity is really good. I especially liked the scene where Dorothea is with the three older men and filmed their erections! There were some scenes where fake penises were used, and I was disappointed in that. Dorothea really did try to be helpful to people. Towards the end she makes a wonderful offer to her father, but I thought he reacted foolishly in turning her offer down. Like I said, this was a really goofy film, but had some wonderful nudity, and hints of sex that was not shown explicitly.

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