Mille bolle blu (1993)


The movie tells the little stories of a group of families who live in the same building in Rome as seen from the eyes of Sandrino, a little kid who is awaiting for a total solar eclipse that really happened during summer of ’61, and it was fully visible from Italy. He sees his family life, a young girl who is about to marry a man she doesn’t love, an old man who has just died and whose relatives fight for his inheritance, a blind trumpet player who hopes to recover, his little friends…

Director: Leone Pompucci.
Writers: Filippo Pichi, Leone Pompucci, Paolo Rossi.
Stars: Claudio Bigagli, Antonio Catania, Clelia Rondinella, Stefano Dionisi, Evelina Gori, Paolo Bonacelli, Orazio Stracuzzi, Ludovica Modugno, Vera Furlan, Gina Rovere, Giuseppe Napoli, Matteo Fadda, Stefano Masciarelli, Carla Benedetti, Stefania Montorsi, Vittorio Vivian, Isa Gallinelli, Maria D’Ajala, Nicoletta Boris, Cesare Gelli, Maurizio Mattioli, Roberto Stocchi, Mario Bianco, Maurizio Marsala.


Note: Here’s the only English subbed copy that exists for this little known Italian film, digitized from a screener VHS released by New Yorker Video in 1998.

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