Johnny One-Eye (1950)


Johnny One-Eye was adapted from one of Damon Runyon’s lesser-known stories. Pat O’Brien and Wayne Morris star as Martin Martin and Dane Cory respectively, former partners in crime who have long since split up. When a new district attorney puts the heat on, Cory, anxious to save his own hide, accuses Martin of an unsolved murder. Holed up in abandoned house, Martin is befriended by a little girl and her dog. It so happens that the girl is the daughter of the crusading DA, and thereby hangs the rest of this tale.

Director: Robert Florey.
Writers: Richard H. Landau, Damon Runyon (play).
Stars: Pat O’Brien, Wayne Morris, Dolores Moran, Gayle Reed, Donald Woods, Barton Hepburn, Raymond Largay, Lawrence Cregar, Forrest Taylor, Lester Allen, Jimmy Little, Jack Overman, Lyle Talbot, Harry Bronson.


Note: As with most PD films pretty crappy quality but this copy at least is better than what you can find on Youtube.

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