The Emissary (1988)


Jack Cavanaugh, handpicked by the US president, is a hard-nosed diplomat constantly on the move between hot-spots around the world. When Russia’s KGB use his wife to get access to a top secret computer system, the world’s future is at stake. Time is running short and Cavanaugh see no other way out than to take on the foreign agents himself.

Director: Jan Scholtz.
Writer: Jan Scholtz.
Stars: Ted Le Plat, Robert Vaughn, Terry Norton, Patrick Mynhardt, Andre Jacobs, Greg Latter, Jonathan Taylor, Colin Sutcliffe, Hans Strydom, Ken Gampu, Brian O’Shaughnessy, Jannie Wienand, Bill Barber, Roland Stafford, Liam O’Brien, Roderick Jaftha, Leonard Moss, Owen De Jager.


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