No Diamonds for Ursula (1967) [English Dub] Original title: "I diamanti che nessuno voleva rubare"


A paralyzed old man has thought of the perfect blow to steal a stash of diamonds, but to carry it out he needs five partners. After succeeding in the hit the five kill the old man to avoid dividing the loot with him, which unleashes a series of revenges.

Director: Gino Mangini.
Writers: Gino Mangini, Sergio Pisani, Fiorella Ricciardello, Hannes Schmidhauser.
Stars: Jeanne Valérie, Salvo Randone, John Elliot, Aldo Giuffrè, Bruno Piergentili, Mario Brega, Bruno Piergentili, Roger Beaumont, Aymo, Lilly Mantovani, Kathy Baron, Giovanni Petrucci, Ignazio Spalla, Thomas Walton, Nino Vingelli, Attilio Dottesio, Dana Andrews.


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