Black Neon (1991) Aussie Holy Grail has been found!


Tom Maranta has been a ‘bouncer’ for years, but he has decided to give the toughs, pushers, pimps and prostitutes the flick. As he makes that decision, Pharoah, his bitter enemy, is released from prison for stabbing him in a bloody and vicious street fight three years earlier. After three years of sleepless nights and haunting nightmares, Tom realises a showdown is inevitable and he enlists the help of a friend and together they are confronted by Pharoah and his army.

Director: James Richards.
Writers: James Richards, Edward John Stazak.
Stars: Edward John Stazak, James Richards, Kristof Kaczmarec.


Note: Many thanks to Darren for sending me a copy of this film. This is a VERY rare Australian film that I believe many collectors have been looking for for many years, it wasn’t even released on VHS in Australia, only in Poland (dubbed?), this is a copy from a one-off broadcast in Channel 9 (from the 90s?), I’ve been told not even James Richards has a copy of it anymore, pretty crazy haha. Enjoy!

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