Badlands of Montana (1957)


Steven Brewster, a candidate for mayor is ran out of a Montana town when he is tricked into a gunfight and kills his opponent. He takes up with a a gang of badlands outlaws and takes part in robberies, and is wounded and captured , Friends rescue him and bring him back to Helena, where he is elected sheriff. When his old outlaw gang attacks the town, he cleans them up but persuades Susan Hammer, the daughter of Henry Hammer, leader of the gang, to come over to his side and marry him.

Director: Daniel B. Ullman.
Writers: Daniel B. Ullman.
Stars: Rex Reason, Margia Dean, Beverly Garland, Keith Larsen, Emile Meyer, William Phipps, Stanley Farrar, Rankin Mansfield, John Pickard, Ralph Peters, Paul Newlan, Russ Bender, Robert Cunningham, Jack Kruschen, Lee Tong Foo.


Note: Quality is not very good for this one and it’s a pan-and-scan transfer not in the original RegalScope but it’s watchable.

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