Sheila Levine Is Dead and Living in New York (1975)


Sheila Levine is a Jewish-American princess and a native of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. An innovative, bright, but painfully introverted individual, she comes to New York City with her mother and father to take an apartment with a nightclub-hopping roommate. Persuaded to go to a nightclub one night, she meets a doctor named Sam Stoneman who is on the hunt for a one-night stand…

Director: Sidney J. Furie.
Writers: Kenny Solms, Gail Parent (novel).
Stars: Jeannie Berlin, Roy Scheider, Rebecca Dianna Smith, Janet Brandt, Sid Melton, Charles Woolf, Leda Rogers, Jack Bernardi, Allen Secher, Lynne Pope, Jon Miller, Noble Willingham, Richard Rasof, Evelyn Russell, Don Carrara, Sharon Chatten, Karen Anders, Craig Littler, Sandy Helberg, John Morgan Evans, Charles Walker.


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