Hanna Amon (1951)


Hanna Amon and her brother Thomas live on an estate they’ve inherited from their parents. Local veterinarian Brunner loves Hanna from afar, and Thomas is in love with the daughter of the local mayor. Love, however, doesn’t always mean happiness, as both Hanna and Thomas are soon to find out.

Director: Veit Harlan.
Writers: Richard Billinger (idea), Veit Harlan.
Stars: Kristina Söderbaum, Lutz Moik, Ilse Steppat, Hermann Schomberg, Elise Aulinger, Hans Hermann Schaufuss, Emmy Percy-Wuestenhagen, Susanne Körber-Harlan, Günther Hadank, Hedwig Wangel, Brigitte Schubert, Jakob Tiedtke.


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