No One Man (1932)


When the boyfriend of a rich, bored socialite dies from a weak heart, she finds herself attracted to the doctor who treated him, a hard-working idealist decidedly different from the usual spoiled society rich kids she is used to.

Director: Lloyd Corrigan.
Writer: Sidney Buchman, Percy Heath (adaptation), Rupert Hughes (novel), Agnes Brand Leahy (as Alice Brand Leahy).
Stars: Carole Lombard, Ricardo Cortez, Paul Lukas, Juliette Compton, George Barbier, Virginia Hammond, Arthur Pierson, Frances Moffett, Irving Bacon.


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  1. Nick Det.
    March 6, 2021

    Thanks, Jon. If you have “The Arizona Kid (1930)” in your archives, I would love to see that one someday! Best to you!

  2. Patrick Trimble
    March 10, 2021

    Very rare studio film from the pre-code years has the sparkling Carole Lombard and a grand supporting cast, but cannot seem to come up with anything like an original plot or fully fleshed character. It is stanrdard illusionism & a narrative that lacks true conviction, and what a modern femininist nightmare: three women in the story (without counting the always dependable Jane Darwell in an extra role) and all of them are either ditzy, man-hungry, or subserviant while allowing the men control their lives because of wealth. At the beginning, Lombard is a particular silly woman, but she turns her beliefs around when she first considerates becoming a mother. Thanks Jon for a glimpse of this remarkably rare film from an early age, A must for Lombard fans.

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