Month: November 2020

November 21, 2020 / Experimental
November 21, 2020 / Drama

Four bandits swoop down on a California bank and flee with $98,000, leaving a truck as the only clue to their identity. Jane Hartman, bank secretary, recognizes the truck as one on which her brother Charles worked. Fleeing to her brother, she is trapped by the gang, composed of its master-mind, Gibbs, Sidney, a gunman, and Randall, a blackballed airplane pilot. Under threat of bodily harm to her brother, she lures truck-driver Tony Andrews to the hideout, and he is forced to help them in their escape attempt.

November 21, 2020 / Sci-Fi

When a war-torn, suburban family struggles to survive in a dystopic future, they learn how little distinguishes humans from man’s best friend.

November 21, 2020 / Silent

Against the backdrop of Vienna’s hidebound caste system, aristocrat and army officer Nicki falls for lowly commoner Mitzi, knowing that it cannot last. Acquiescing to pressure from his family, he ultimately gives her up to marry the more socially acceptable — albeit crippled — heiress Cecelia. Mitzi, for her part, is heartbroken and must resign herself to marrying a churlish butcher, Schani Eberle.

November 21, 2020 / Comedy

In this comedy/drama a big-city reporter moves to a tiny town to begin running the newspaper he half-owns. His in-your-face reporting style does not make him very popular; especially when he begins causing trouble for the incumbent mayor’s opposition. It is the candidate’s pretty niece who teaches the arrogant journalist a valuable lesson.

November 21, 2020 / Drama

A gangster’s son sees his father rob and murder a man. The detective investigating the case, deciding that the boy will never tell what he knows if he’s locked up in juvenile detention, takes the boy home with him to spend some time with a “real” family, and the boy begins to form an attachment to the detective’s father, a retired cop.

November 21, 2020 / Comedy

In this musical, a young socialite reluctantly attends an exclusive school; she would rather be working on becoming a Broadway star. She is so determined to be one that she begins ditching her classes to work as a chorus girl in a musical. Following the show’s closing, she invites two fellow dancers to visit her home. Musical mayhem and romance ensue. Songs include: “On the Sunny Side of the Street,” “It’s So Easy,” “All I Know Is Si Si” (Doris Fisher, Allan Roberts), “Boogie Woogie from Nowhere” (Saul Chaplin).

November 21, 2020 / Western

Ann and Tom Howard arrive from the east to take up ranching. But Tom wants to return and forges his sister’s name to the deed and sells it to Larson. Eddie knows there is silver ore in the area and that Lawson, who killed the Sheriff, is out to get all the ranches. When Lawson appoints himself the new Sheriff, Eddie organizes the ranchers to fight Lawson and his men.