Month: February 2020

February 10, 2020 / Drama

In this drama, a former Air Force hero becomes frustrated when he is pulled from active duty and is forced to train recruits at Edwards Air Force Base. He finds instructing the young fighter pilots terribly tedious. His frustration is compounded by his fear that one of his handsome bucks will steal his pretty girl friend. This causes him to become an angry, unfair teacher. Later, the reluctant instructor learns an invaluable lesson when he is forced to save one of his best students from certain death.

February 10, 2020 / TV Movie

A married middle age man with two children who are in college, who also didn’t finish college decides to go and enroll at his kids’ college. He also decides to try out for football, and makes the team. He becomes a phenom. But all of this causes friction between him and his son, and also trouble between him and his wife, who wants him to quit the team. But he chooses to stay with it.

February 10, 2020 / Comedy

Four friends come up with an unusual idea to make some money and have fun doing it. For a small fee, they will impersonate and act out any character role for their customers. In the course of executing this novel service, they encounter a whole spectrum of people in society, finding ways to genuinely help them boost their morale and overcome their fears, while gaining unusual and new insights into the human condition.

February 9, 2020 / Arthouse

Julio, aged nineteen, has just left the provinces to settle down in the outskirts of Lisbon. He lives there in a poor area with his uncle Afonso and starts working as an apprentice shoemaker. At the shop, he gets to know Ilda, a young housemaid and regular customer. Ilda is pretty, joyful and modern and Julio falls for her. The two young people, although very different from each other, embark on an idyll…

February 9, 2020 / War

First World War. The young Englishman Lieutenant Raleigh is transferred into the regiment of the disilliusioned Captain Stanhope. Stanhope harbours a secret love for Raleigh’s sister and so tries to maintain the image of himself as the model officer. An advance against the German lines, in which Raleigh takes part, is a catastrophic bloodbath. As a result Raleigh is now aware of the horrific nature of war, which has overcome Stanhope too. When the Germans attack again, the English base is destroyed.

February 9, 2020 / TV Movie

Teenager Libby Bellow begins soul-searching after becoming legally emancipated by her family and begins working on the road with a travelling carnival, in which Libby begins to think that happiness is at home, despite her personal conflict with her divorced mother.

February 1, 2020 / Comedy

Based on James Barrie’s play “Alice Sit-By-The-Fire”. In turn-of-the-century New York, a young girl who believes she’s learned “the seamy side of life” from a risque play takes it upon herself to rescue her estranged mother from what appears to be a steamy love affair.

February 1, 2020 / TV Movie

Secret agent Robert Sands is sent to investigate a series of UFO sightings in the Utah desert. During the course of his investigation, Sands discovers that what are thought to be UFOs are in fact reflector shields being airlifted as part of a device built by criminal mastermind Horatio Black. Sands uncovers Black’s scheme to burn a hole in the ozone layer, which will crisp all beneath it as it circles the Earth, unless the governments of the world pay him a billion dollars.