Tripoli (1950)


Lieutenant O’Bannion is a US Marine who is tasked with a mission to combat the 1805 activities of the infamous Barbary Pirates. To aid in this venture, he must recruit the help of exiled Hamet Karamanli, the rightful heir to throne of Tripoli who has been deposed by his brother. Also along for the adventure is a rowdy bunch of Greek mercenaries, led by the boisterous Capt. Demetrios and the beautiful but duplicitous Countess D’Arneau.

Director: Will Price.
Stars: John Payne, Maureen O’Hara, Howard Da Silva, Phillip Reed, Grant Withers, Lowell Gilmore, Connie Gilchrist, Alan Napier, Herbert Heyes, Alberto Morin, Emil Hanna, Grandon Rhodes, Frank Fenton, Rosa Turich, Ray Hyke.


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