Mozart è un assassino (1999) AKA Mozart is a Murderer


When Chiara, a violinist at the conservatory, is brutally murdered after a performance, inspector Maccari is put on the case. Maccari, whose own wife was once murdered by a serial killer, suspect professor Baraldi, the director of the conservatory. But as more fall prey to the killer, Maccari comes to a shocking conclusion…

Director: Sergio Martino. AKA Mozart is a Murderer
Stars: Enzo De Caro, Daniela Scarlatti, Augusto Fornari, Azzurra Antonacci, Emanuela Garuccio, Eleonora Parlante, Manuel Oliverio, Giorgia Cardaci, Emanuele Cerman, Stefano Scandaletti, Alberto Di Stasio, Elena Astone, Paolo Belletrutti, Enrico Bertorelli.



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