Lef (1999) AKA Guts


Olivier is working with his friend Luc on a film they have long dreamed of. Olivier hopes at last to become the classic hero in a story he wrote himself. Working diligently on his cinematographic alter-ego, his energy is really put to the test. For instance, he does nothing when he sees a woman being beaten up. This incident haunts him and increasingly creeps into his script. When he falls in love with the same unsuspecting woman in real life, the incident gets in the way of the relationship.

Director: Ron Termaat. AKA Guts
Stars: Viggo Waas, Alice Reys, Rick Engelkes, Victor Reinier, Berco van Rheeden, Michiel Varga, Isolde Hallensleben , Eric van Sauers, Ineke Veenhoven, Lia Bolte, Bert Verboom, Fer van Duren, Evert van der Meulen, Ron Termaat.


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  1. Michael
    November 24, 2019

    excellent film. well done Jon

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