Roma ore 11 (1952) AKA Rome 11:00


Based on an actual incident, this is the story of five girls who are among the 200 women who answer a want ad for a modest secretarial position one rainy morning in Rome in 1951. They crowd and push their way into the old building and fight their way up the stairs to await an interview, only to be told there is not enough time to interview all. A scuffle breaks out and the stairway collapses sending many of them hurtling down in a mass of bodies amid brick and mortar.

Director: Giuseppe De Santis. AKA Rome 11:00
Stars: Lucia Bosé, Carla Del Poggio, Maria Grazia Francia, Lea Padovani, Delia Scala, Elena Varzi, Raf Vallone, Massimo Girotti, Paolo Stoppa, Eva Vanicek, Anna Maria Zijno, Maria Ammassari, Naudio di Claudio, Renata Ciaffi, Armando Francioli, Paola Borboni. 


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  1. JW
    May 18, 2019


  2. Tiff
    May 20, 2019

    Oh, thanks, Jon! Terrific film!

  3. PK
    December 9, 2019

    Do you know where I can fond a DVD of this? Thanks.

  4. Øivind Aas
    November 23, 2021


    Having seen Giuseppe Santi’s “Bitter rice” I was thrilled to see this and it certainly did not deliver!

    Thank you so much Jon!

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