Heroes of the Hills (1938)


To help relieve overcrowded prison conditions, the Mesquiteers turn their ranch into a work farm. Construction Company man Beaton is hoping for a new prison contract and sets out to see that the experiment is a failure. He lures the Mesquiteers away and then has his henchman dressed as prisoners rob the local ranchers and plant the loot at the Mesquiteers ranch.

Director: George Sherman.
Writers: William Colt MacDonald (based on characters created by), Stanley Roberts & Jack Natteford (story), Stanley Roberts & Betty Burbridge (screenplay).
Stars: Robert Livingston, Ray Corrigan, Max Terhune, Priscilla Lawson, LeRoy Mason, James Eagles, Roy Barcroft, Barry Hays, Carleton Young, Forrest Taylor, John P. Wade, Maston Williams, John Beach, Jerry Frank, Roger Williams.


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