Crime Without Passion (1934)


Caddish lawyer Lee Gentry is going out with Katy Costello, but carrying on an affair with dancer Carmen Brown . When he wants to end the dalliance with Carmen, she is so distraught that she becomes suicidal. Seizing the gun from Carmen, he accidentally shoots her, and thinking she’s dead, concocts a series of increasingly outlandish alibis to cover his tracks under the guidance of a ghostly apparition that is his alter ego.

Director: Ben Hecht & Charles MacArthur
Stars: Claude Rains, Margo, Whitney Bourne, Stanley Ridges, Leslie Adams.


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  1. Richard Lupoff
    April 14, 2020

    I’ve been a fan of Claude Rains’ since the 1940s, but I’d never seen this film before. Quite remarkable! Many thanks for sharing it. BTW, Margo had a wonderful face. Sweet and expressive!

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