Month: April 2019

April 27, 2019 / War

Dr. Helga Reinbeck is working as a nurse in Yugoslavia during World War II when she’s taken hostage by a group of rogue fighters. The nurse at first resists helping the guerrilla soldiers, who force her to care for their sick, but soon realizes it’s just as important to tend to these men as to her own people. When a German prisoner is brought to camp, he challenges her patriotism and, rattled by the charge, the nurse begins to question which side she should really be helping.

April 27, 2019 / Drama

This film tells the story of Andrew, a lonely ten year old, who for the love of his younger brother Miles, is constantly taking blame for things he didn’t do. Their father  is a consul and they have everything materially children could want, but they no longer have a mother. Andrew is forced to face his mother’s death with the added burden of keeping it a secret from Miles. The situation becomes distorted and misunderstood until one day an innocent game of the two brothers turn into tragedy.

April 27, 2019 / Biography

The romantic and professional life of composer Johann Strauss Jr. provides the basis of this colorful remake of the 1938 version.

April 26, 2019 / Drama

Henrik Ibsen’s enduring drama about a Nordic femme fatale – a neurotic, controlling, strong-willed woman who is nonetheless alluring to the males in her town. She is a solitary woman in a society held together by kinship and class. If she had had more brains she would have thought her way out of it; if she had had more courage she would have bolted long ago with Lovborg, the only true creative force in the vicinity whose manuscript she burns in the stove as if she were aborting their unconceived child.

April 26, 2019 / Drama

The film centers around a group of elderly residents of an old San Francisco hotel and are threatened with eviction when a developer wants to demolish the structure. Initially, they feel resigned to their fate, but a young desk clerk gets involved and helps spearhead a resistance.

April 26, 2019 / Western

After her family’s mansion is burned down by Yankee soldiers for hiding the rebel leader Captain Sam Starr, Belle Shirley vows to take revenge. Breaking Starr out of prison, she joins his small guerrilla group for a series of raids on banks and railroads, carpetbaggers and enemy troops. Belle’s bravado during the attacks earns her a reputation among the locals as well as the love of Starr himself. The pair get married, but their relationship starts to break down when Sam Starr lets a couple of psychotic rebels into the gang, leaving Belle to wonder if he really cares about the Southern cause.

April 26, 2019 / Pre Code

Jacques Costaud, a French war veteran is sentenced to life in prison for killing a man but soon escapes from a penal colony in French Guyana. He then flees to Paris to find his daughter Manon, who believes him dead. Now he must try to keep her from being abducted into a life of prostitution and keeping his true identity a secret.

April 26, 2019 / Drama

Set in a rugged Northwest logging camp, this drama follows the exploits of the lumberjack who inherits the camp. For a long time, he has been courting a pretty young thing, and now that she believes him wealthy, she decides to finally accept his proposal. When she finds out that the company has many financial woes and that living in the woods takes guts and courage, she turns into a nagging shrew, constantly urging him to sell-out to a major corporation. Meanwhile his treacherous foreman, an agent of the bigger company, uses sabotage to change the stubborn camp owner’s mind.