Une balle dans le canon (1958) AKA A Bullet in the Gun Barrel


Back from Indochina, Tony and Dick, two French soldiers, are now in possession of more than 20 million, entrusted by a trafficker. They buy a nightclub in the district of Montparnasse but are soon hunted by the thug who wants to recover his money.

Director: Michel Deville & Charles Gérard. AKA A Bullet in the Gun Barrel 
Stars: Pierre Vaneck, Mijanou Bardot, Paul Frankeur, Roger Hanin, Hazel Scott, Gérard Buhr, Colette Duval, Don Ziegler, Robert Le Béal, Yves Arcanel, Jean Rochefort, Pierre Cordier, Mario David, Roger Desmare, Michael Lonsdale.


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    February 20, 2019

    Thank you, Jon! Once again, you come through.
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