Ciske de Rat (1955) AKA Ciske the Rat


“Ciske de Rat” belongs to dickensean model “little man’s hard life” and tells a deceptively simple story about a boy in modern Netherlands. Persecution, loneliness, adults’ hostility, fear, mixture of obstinacy and tenderness, and even an imprisonment. Excellent camera movement and delicate portraying of Ciske’s fragile soul put this film out of merely historical context and ensure the place in the Great Cinema History for it.

Director: Wolfgang Staudte.
Stars: Dick van der Velde, Kees Brusse, Jenny Van Maerlant, Riek Schagen, Lies Franken, Bernhard Droog , Rob de Vries, Cees Laseur, Paul Steenbergen, Jan Teulings, Guus Oster, Hans Tiemeyer, Joan Remmelts, Tjeerd de Vries, Heidi Schmidt.

19xx Venice Film Festival – Nominated for the Golden Lion.


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  1. JW
    November 14, 2018

    Yay! I’ve wanting to see this one for quite a while. Thanks Jon!!! Rarefilmm is truly tops!!

  2. Marc
    November 17, 2018

    This is a great movie.
    In 1984, the re-make was a huge success. When about 15 years ago this original 1955 version was released on dvd I bought it out of curiosity, not expecting too much from it. I enjoyed every minute of it, and can recommend it to anyone who likes classic movies.

  3. Rudi
    June 12, 2019

    Always wanted to see this movie, when in Holland.
    Now, after many years in Canada finally this epic film

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